Leak Repair

Leaks are very common in both commercial building and residential homes. This is especially true for older buildings.

Common signs you could have a leak include:

  • Damp or stained walls, ceiling tiles or floors
  • Unusual pipe noises
  • Running water from fixtures
  • High utility bills

Leaks = $$$$$

Leaks are not always easy to spot and can cause expensive damage. Take the following example. A typical kitchen faucet runs at about 1.0gpm (gallons per minute). Let’s say you have a very small leak that flows 0.1gpm. If this is a continuous leak, you are looking at:

0.1gpm = 6 gph (gallons per hour)

6gph = 144 gallons wasted per day = 1,008 gallons wasted per week = 4,032 gallons wasted per month

This wasted water, being caused by a very small leak, is being charged to you by the water company every month.

By having a leak examined and repaired, you could be looking at a significant savings every month.

Regular maintenance planning would lead to the discovery and prevention of this extra expense. For more information on this, visit the Maintenance Planning page or click HERE.