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What’s all the hype over tankless water heaters about? Many people are moving toward these innovative products, and for good reason! Did you know water heaters are the second largest users of gas in the average American home? This accounts for hundreds of dollars each year just to heat water! Instead, why not use less gas to heat your water?

7 reasons to replace that ‘tank -type dinosaur’ with new tankless technology:

  1. A tankless water heater saves you money over time, thanks to far superior energy efficiency.
    • Conventional heaters are 70 – 75% efficient
    • Tankless heaters are 90 – 96% efficient.
This means more of the heat produced from burning gas is used to heat water instead of being wasted up the flue!
  1. Tankless heaters only use energy when the water tap is on. When you turn off the water, the tankless heater turns off as well. Tank heaters run 24/7 using energy the entire time.
  2. Tankless heaters have a significantly longer useful lifespan than tank water heaters, lasting twice or three times as long in many cases!
  3. Tankless heaters require significantly less storage space than a storage tank water heater. Who couldn’t use more storage space?!
  1. Tankless heaters let you have unlimited hot water whenever you need it. As long as the tap is on, the water heater is on.
  2. Many tankless heaters now have circulation pumps built in. This means hot water is available at the tap in seconds instead of the minutes it typically takes for a tank heater. No more wasting cold water down the drain!
  1. Tankless water heaters let you have more than enough hot water for multiple showers and appliances to run simultaneously. Plus, varying sizes are available for the smallest or largest application.
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